How does the solar power work?

People get surprised when they hear that just few hours in the sun keeps the watch ticking for about 6 months. And the total battery life is up to 10 years.

You can`t see that this is a solar powered watch just by looking at it. The dial is 60% see through, and that`s plenty enough to let the sunlight through. Under the dial there is a small solar panel which charges the battery. The movement is from a well known Japanese company called Epson. And the caliber used is the VS17A.

Is there any other ways of charging my watch?

The most effective way of charging your watch is by giving it some time in the hot summer sun. You can also charge it on a cloudy day. This will however take much longer time. Another option is to simply use a lamp. Again, this s not as effective as the sun, but if`s your last option, it will work.

We tested one of the watches by exposing it to a night stand lamp for 4 hours. This kept it ticking for about 7 days.