We believe that Solar powered watches should be the the new default for quartz watches. A regular quartz watch needs a battery change every 2 years, whilst our solar powered watches will last you a decade before you need a battery change.

It seems like the word "sustainable" gets thrown around a bit too easy when it comes to consumer products. Let`s be honest, the most sustainable thing you can do is to completely cut down on all consumer products as a whole.

That doesn't mean that we don`t want you to buy our watches. It just means that we as a company want to be your preferred choice.

Being a responsible person doesn't mean that you have to stop living completely and stop giving gifts to your loved ones, or even treat yourself with a nice little gift now and then. It just means making good choices, one small choice at the time.

"Small changes can make a big difference"

 So what`s a good choice from a consumers perspective? There is a lot of good advice out there when it comes to sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. But as it turns out, it`s not always straight forward. There is one thing we all can agree on though, and it`s actually quite simple... Use everything 20-30% longer. If you do buy products, buy products that are made to last.  

So how do we as a company contribute to that?

We believe that it`s a company responsibility to make better choices easily accessible. We make long lasting products that you'll be able to enjoy for decades. By focusing on using high quality materials and timeless design we`re able to stay relevant in any fashion trends passing by. A regular quartz watch needs a battery change every 2 years. Whiles our solar watches will last up to 10 years before you need a battery change. The math also adds up, it`s actually cheaper to spend some more on a quality product, than having to spend all that extra money on rapid battery changes and having to replace a broken watch.